Online Aplication

An Online Applications are programmers, which can operate in any computer any where over the internet which uses a centralized database. Online applications may also be referred to by other names like SaaS or "Software as a Service". In the early days of the internet, websites and web pages existed as static content.

These kind of softwares are most probably operate through any kind of web browsers which use for internet and the conectivity of the internet in any way. Also it is potable for mobile devices like phones and tabs. All the users who are authorized to access will serve real time data.

Fleet Management & Transport System

Fleet management software refers to an application that helps business enterprises coordinate and manage working vehicles in a central information system for the smooth functioning of the entire organization. The software thus helps the enterprise to reduce costs and enhances performance.

System Features
  • Vehicle Hire registration & Manage
  • Manage Hire Heldup
  • Prepare Drivers & Helps Salary
  • Manage Vehicle Fuel Filling
  • Manage & prepare Fuel consumption report
  • Manage Vehicle Tyre Daging & Changing
  • Record & Manage Tyre useage


JCB Parts Sales & Inventory Control System

An Online Sales & inventory control system is a system that managing the company's inventories, purchasing, sales, receiving, dispatching, warehousing and storage, turnover, and reordering. Computerized online inventory control systems make it possible to integrate the various functional subsystems that are a part of the inventory management into a single cohesive system.

System Features
  • Machine Sales & Documentation
  • Machine purchase & update stock
  • Machine Reparing
  • Spare part Sales & Sales Returns
  • Customer Payments & Outstanding
  • Spare part purchase
  • Inventory Adjustment
  • Inventory Counts
  • Inventory Analyzing (Bin card)


Clearing & forwarding Managenet System

The services of clearing and forwarding companies include collecting purchased items from the factories and offering other transporting details until the goods reach their warehouse destination. If the goods are traveling by air or ocean shipping,they should be able to truck the logistics on the import or export end. The computer system is supporting them to manage those activities.

System Features
  • Consignee registration and management
  • Manage the consignments of each consignee & the status of process
  • Control the petty cash & the cost of the consignment
  • Cargo transport, lorry management & Control transport hire
  • Consignee Invoice management and debtors controlling and payments
  • Container Deposit management