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why undercoat in paint industry

An undercoat used after a primer and used to fill any minor imperfections to create a smooth

While the primer paint is used right before painting a new surface, the undercoat paint is used before painting a surface that has been painted in the past. In other words, an undercoat can be a primer but a primer is never be an undercoat. An undercoat also assists to lighten a surface when changing from a dark to a pale colour

  • The different between undercoat & normal paint.
  • Do I need an undercoat before paint ?
  • When should I use undercoat ?








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About the Company

    Coloright Industries (Pvt) Ltd, A synonym for quality, speed and care, Aeroflex is one of the most trusted paint undercoats manufacturing company in Sri Lanka, delivering high quality products and services over two decades.


By serving over 100 multi-disciplinary projects and covering island wide dealer market Aeroflex has set a bench mark in the construction industry. Providing high quality products with minimum lead time can be listed as the key success factor for the rapid growth of the Company.


Why Choose AERO FLEX as for your paint skimcoat?

The product is high quality water resistant Cement based thin plaster putty and specially formulated for finishing on concrete, brick wall and cement block wall surfaces. Skimcoat white powder putty shouldn't be used on painted surfaces.

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Painting is the practice of applying paint, pigment, color or other medium to a surface. The surface preparation is the basement of the painting practice and our main concerns is of quality undercoat. The term painting describes both the act and the result of the action.

Commercial Painting

Commercial painting is painting projects for businesses. This type of painting is usually a large scale activity.

Consultation & Plan

Developing a plan is the key to any good and effective consultation exercise before the painting.

Interior Painting

Bring on an inside surface in to colorful protected form.

Exterior Painting

Bring on an outside surface in to colorful protected from weather, heat and water resistant.


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